Forthcoming Events

  • MOMPES 2008 - Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software

MOMPES (Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software) workshop series focuses on the scientific and practical aspects related with the adoption of MDA and other MBD methodologies (notation, process, methods, and tools) for supporting the construction of computer-based systems, and more specifically, pervasive and embedded software. The 5th edition of this wrokshop will be organized within ETAPS 2008 (11th European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software), Budapest, Hungary, April 5, 2008.

A Interacção 2008 – 3ª Conferência Interacção Pessoa-Máquina – realiza-se na Universidade de Évora, de 15 a 17 de Outubro de 2008, e visa reunir investigadores, docentes e profissionais das diversas áreas envolvidas, promovendo a partilha de conhecimentos e pontos de vista sobre a Interacção Pessoa-Máquina em Portugal.

Past Events