Technical Reports

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TR-HASLab:01:2011 - L. S. Barbosa and Dimitrios Settas (eds). Pre-Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Foundations and Techniques for Open Source Software Certification. Nov. 2011

TR-HASLab:02:2011 - A. Madeira, J. M. Faria, M. A. Martins and L. S. Barbosa. Hybrid specification of reactive systems: An institutional approach (extended version). Nov. 2011

TR-HASLab:03:2011 - J.N. Oliveira. Pointfree Foundations for (Generic) Lossless Decomposition. Nov. 2011

TR-HASLab:04:2011 - Hugo Macedo and J.N. Oliveira. Do the two middle letters of "OLAP" stand for Linear Algebra ("LA")?. Nov. 2011


TR-HASLab:01:2012 - Daniela da Cruz, Pedro Rangel Henriques, and Jorge Sousa Pinto. Verification Graphs for Programs with Contracts. Feb. 2012

TR-HASLab:02:2012 - Hugo Pacheco, Alcino Cunha, and Zhenjiang Hu. Delta Lenses over Inductive Types. Feb. 2012.

TR-HASLab:03:2012 - Nuno Macedo, Hugo Pacheco, and Alcino Cunha. Relations as Executable Specifications: Taming Partiality and Non-determinism Using Invariants. Jul. 2012.

TR-HASLab:04:2012 - Daniel Cadete, Alcino Cunha, José M. Faria, J.N. Oliveira and André Passos. From boilerplated requirements to Alloy: half-way between text and formal model. Jul. 2012.


TR-HASLab:01:2013 - D. Murta and J.N. Oliveira. Calculating fault propagation in functional programs. May. 2013.


TR-HASLab:01:2014 - Jácome Cunha, João Paulo Fernandes, Jorge Mendes, João Saraiva. Embedding, Evolution, and Validation of Model-Driven Spreadsheets. April. 2014.

TR-HASLab:02:2014 - João Saraiva et al., !SSaaPP: SpreadSheets as a Programming Paradigm. August. 2014.

TR-HASLab:03:2014 - Victor Miraldo, Object Oriented Programming with Monadic Mealy Machines (PDF). QAIS Project, October 2014.

TR-HASLab:04:2014 - Jorge Mendes, Model-driven Spreadsheets on Google Drive. December, 2014.


TR-HASLab:01:2016 - J.N. Oliveira. Exploiting Galois connections for 'Rely/Guarantee Thinking'. May 2016.


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TR-HASLab:01:2020 - J.N. Oliveira. A Note on the Under-Appreciated For-Loop. October 2020.

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