19 Oct The tinynew.gif slides of the second module (10-Oct+17-Oct) are now available.

08 Oct List of papers now available from section tinynew.gif Grading.

04 Oct The slides of the 1st module (27-Sep+04-Oct) are now available.

04 Oct Lectures from today onwards will take place in room DI 0.05, Monday 10h-12h and 14h-16h.

30 Sep Slides of the 1st day (27-Sep) now available.

27 Sep The new schedule has been checked with the students. Mind the change of weekday and room from 10-Oct onwards.

22 Sep First lecture will take place on Tuesday, 27th Sep, 10am-12am, Room DI 0.02 (ground floor, nearby the entrance hall)

Welcome to ACMSD 2016/17

mapi-logo.png Theory and Foundations

Slides of course presentation (16-Sep): (10 slides)

Paper assignments and schedule (21st Nov)

Name Recitation Time Extended abstract
Adrien Laurent Richard Fonnet An institution for Simple UML State Machines 11h00 A linear algebra approach to OLAP
Ana Elisa Soares Carneiro TBA TBA
Eros Matrinelli Foundations for structuring behavioural specifications 11h30 An introduction to quantaloid-enriched categories
Luís Miguel Alves Fernandes A linear algebra approach to OLAP 14h00 A coinductive calculus of binary trees
Mariana Rafaela Figueiredo Ferreira de Oliveira Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta Stone 14h30 Probabilistic Systems Coalgebraically: A Survey
Nélio Martins Guimarães Extending Propositional Dynamic Logic for Petri Nets 15h00 A specification language for Reo connectors


Name Affiliation
L.S. Barbosa UM / INESC TEC
D. Hofmann UA
A. Madeira INESC TEC (coord.)
M.A. Martins UA
J.N. Oliveira UM / INESC TEC


Name Email
Adrien Laurent Richard Fonnet adrien DOT fonnet AT gmail DOT com
Ana Elisa Soares Carneiro ana_elisa88 AT hotmail DOT com
Eros Matrinelli eros DOT martinelli AT hotmail DOT it
Luís Miguel Alves Fernandes lfernandes AT utad DOT pt
Mariana Rafaela Figueiredo Ferreira de Oliveira mariana DOT rffo AT gmail DOT com
Nélio Martins Guimarães nelio DOT mguimaraes AT


The following schedule has been checked with the students. Mind the change of weekday and room from 10-Oct onwards.


Individual assessment is based on two deliverables: 1 paper recitation (30min max) + 1 extended abstract (3 pages max in llncs style, references excluded) chosen among the papers proposed by the teaching staff.

There are 15 proposed papers in this tinynew.gifzip file (8.2Mb). Students are expected among themselves to ensure that their choices don't overlap. These should be communicated to the course coordinator using this link.

The paper recitation session will take place on Nov 21st.

Lecture Notes

First module, 8 hours (27-Sep+04-Oct): (135 slides, 2.6Mb)

Second module, 8 hours (10-Oct+17-Oct): tinynew.gifZip file (1.2 Mb)

Third module, 4 hours (24-Oct): tinynew.gif Lecture 1 Lecture 2

Links / further material:


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