Cohesive Project (Laboratório de Engenharia Informática)

The main aim of this course unit (10 ECTS) is for students to engage in group work around a project proposed by industrial or R&D partners.

Students thus have the opportunity to apply the theoretical background of the other MFES modules to real problems, bridging their background with industry and research problems.

Groups will have an external adviser from the partner proposing their theme and a local tutor.

Interesting and useful slides for preparing your milestone presentations:

List of Projects

Company / Institution Proponent Project themes
ESA (NL) Tiago Jorge On-board software component interaction (OSCI)
ASML (NL) Andre Passos Alloy for ASML machine sequence generation
OU (NL) Stef Joosten Design of an argument assistance system for legal reasoning
INTO-CPS (IR) Luís Couto Verifying communication within FMI co-Simulations (INTO-CPS)
Bosch (PT) Francisco Duarte Formal specification and implementation of processes at BOSCH using Spreadsheets

Brochure of project themes: tinynew.gif PDF

Start-up Workshop

The start-up MFES workshop will take place on Feb 9th, between 10h-13h, with the following schedule:

10h00 - Welcome
10h15 - ASML (NL) - André Passos tinynew.gif (Slides)
10h35 - ESA (NL) - Tiago Jorge
10h55 - BOSCH (PT) - J.A. Saraiva
11H15 - Break
12h00 - INTO-CPS (IR) - L. Couto
12h20 - OU (NL) - Stef Joosten tinynew.gif (Slides)
12h40 - Closing


Dates TBA

Students of the MFES specialization

(List to be confirmed.)

a64287 David António Cardoso Moreira P MiEI
a70441 Mário Jorge Viana Ferreira P MiEI
a70430 João Bernardo Machado Quintas Dias da Costa P MiEI
a71580 Rafael Alexandre Antunes Barbosa P MiEI
a72204 José Paulo Queiroga Amorim Fernandes P MiEI conf
a72227 Diogo Filipe da Silva Vilaça P MiEI
a72424 José Nuno Castro de Macedo P MiEI
a72873 Ana Filipa Rodrigues Gomes P ?
pg31577 Isac Pereira Oliveira Meira P MEI conf
pg32996 Hugo Filipe da Silva Ribeiro P MEI

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