The HaGLR tool

During my degree internship I was to study, among other things, Parser techniques and algorithms.
Under this goal, we (me and my internship supervisor, Joćo Saraiva) found out that, surprisingly, little work had been done on Generalised LR parsing by the functional programming community.
Given so, we (with Joost Visser's cooperation) embarked on a challenging aproach: to provide GLR support directly in Haskell.
In fact, the popularity of Generalised Parsing is growing since it is able to solve many problems that are common on other technologies based on LL and LR algorithms, and since it is able to handle both real programming languages and domain specific languages.
Our work resulted on the development of the HaGLR tool, a Generalised LR parser generator.

GLR's motivations and HaGLR's implementation and development options, as well as achieved results and performance benchmarks are much better detailed in DI-PURe-04.11.01.pdf's Technical Report.

The tool itself is free for download and use, available as part of the UMinho Haskell Software.

This internship project occurred under the PURe project.