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Welcome to ACMSD 2017/18 (CC545)

Slides of course presentation (15-Sep): (10 slides)

We are currently planning the schedule of the course. Lectures will start next week, on the 25th Sep. Please note that the schedule below is subject to change!


Paper recitation scheduled for tinynew.gif6th December, 10 a.m.

Individual assessment is based on two deliverables: 1 paper recitation (30min max) + 1 extended abstract (3 pages max in llncs style, references excluded) chosen among papers proposed by the teaching staff.

There are 8 proposed papers in this tinynew.gifzip file (8.2Mb). Students are expected among themselves to ensure that their choices don't overlap. These should be communicated to the course coordinator using this link.

Lecture Notes:

Slides prepared for the first two days, 8 hours (25-Set + 2-Oct): (128 slides)

Slides prepared for days 9-Oct + 16-Oct (8 h) already available: (109 slides)

Slides prepared for 23-Oct (4 h) already available:

Slides prepared for 30-Oct (4 h) already available:


Mondays, 11h-13h + 14h30-16h30, Room I323, pls see maps below.



The following schedule is stable.


Name Affiliation
L.S. Barbosa UM / INESC TEC
D. Hofmann UA
A. Madeira UA / INESC TEC (coord.)
M.A. Martins UA
J.N. Oliveira UM / INESC TEC

Students who expressed interest in the course

Ahmad Naser Eddin
Joana Patrícia Bordonhos Ribeiro
Mehdi Behnam
Saulo Neftali Carpio Ruiz
Simão Paulo Rato Alves Reis
Vitor Manuel Enes Duarte