Using CVS

For the current state of affairs you can take a peek at our CVS repository.

To use CVS do the following:

Login to the repository


  cvs -d login

For read only access you can use the username anonymous (password anonymous).

For read-write access, you should be a member of the PUReCvsGroup? (contact an administrator for that) and use the twiki name and password.

Check out the repository


  cvs -d checkout PURe
This gives you a directory Research.PURe with subdirectories such as software and papers. This is your local copy of the repository.

Update your local copy

Change to any directory within your local copy of the repository, and update it with:

  cvs upd -dP
The -dP options tell CVS to also synchronize subdirectories, if they are non-empty.

Add files

If you create new files or directories in your local copy, and you can register them for addition with:

  cvs add filename
This does not yet store the file in the repository. You still need to commit it (see below).

Commit local modifications into the repository

After making modifications in you local copy (changing or adding files) you can commit them to the repository as follows:

  cvs commit


For all this to work, you need an environment variable CVS_RSH set to ssh such that cvs will make a connection with the server on which the repository resides via ssh.